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Starting a business with a business coach?

Would you like to start a business? Are you struggling to find the right expert to provide you with coaching?

Do you need an external person to give an objective view of your project? Someone who provides stimulation?

If so, check out the range of services offered by our experts.

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How does it work?

To determine your needs as an entrepreneur, we offer a free initial meeting lasting around an hour.

Based on this analysis, you’ll receive a coaching programme that matches your needs. Click here to see the services we offer

Did you know ...

  • The cost of this coaching is 100% tax deductible as a business expense?
  • Statistics show that your chances of success as a new business owner are much higher if you have a coach?
  • Many entrepreneurs qualify for a financial contribution of up to 50% of the coaching costs?
  • Our business coaches are actually entrepreneurs themselves? They speak from experience.

Interested in a coaching programme? Ask for more information today.

Our range of services

No matter what your situation as an entrepreneur, we have the right service for your specific needs.

Would you like some coaching for your personal development as an entrepreneur? If so, this is the service for you:

1. Career coaching


Sit down with a professional coach and reflect on your own growth and development as an entrepreneur.

Our coaches will act as your sounding board. They will use your request as a starting point and guide you step by step throughout the search process.

Possible questions you might like to discuss:

  • I’d really like to start my own business, but I still have reservations.
  • I’m full of good ideas for my business but I don’t know where to begin.
  • How can I enhance my qualities as an entrepreneur?
  • What are the pitfalls new businesses need to avoid? What should I watch out for?
  • How do I balance my self-employed activities with my private life?
  • How can I handle stress positively?
  • I dream of doing amazing work, but I can’t seem to put my dreams into action.
  • I lack confidence and feel insecure.


4 hours of one-on-one coaching


8 hours of one-on-one coaching



Would you like an objective sounding board to test out your idea or project? The following service is just what you’ve been looking for.

2. Challenge Me


Our Business Coach will provide you with the keys and tools you need to make intelligent decisions.


  • An outside opinion of your project before you make important decisions.
  • Get a clearer vision and action plan.
  • Test out the concept; obligation-free coaching


2 hours of one-on-one coaching



If a comprehensive coaching programme is what you need, choose from the options below. Let us provide you with coaching in the following areas of expertise: Financial, sales & marketing, growth & development and organisation.

3. Project Assistance


You will work with a Business Coach to draft a detailed action plan to simplify your decision-making.
We take action and perform specific tasks on your behalf.


Coaching you through the implementation of your project:

  • Launching your company or a new service/product (drafting a business plan, carrying out formalities, etc.)
  • Growing your business (finding new customers, developing or refining a marketing plan, boosting profitability, etc.)
  • Implementing your communication campaigns (expanding your website, implementing online SEO campaigns, etc.)
  • Giving your organisation more structure (recruiting staff, defining roles and functions, limiting costs, increasing profitability, securing financing, etc.)
  • Putting you on a sound administrative and legal footing.
  • Monitoring your financial situation: financing plan, financial plan, selling prices, margins, current assets, etc.


8 hours one-on-one coaching


12 hours one-on-one coaching


12+ hours option



We also offer “A la carte” coaching by the hour: a tailored service based on your specific needs at a particular point in time, with as many hours of coaching as you choose.

Does one of these services sound like what you’re looking for? Don’t delay – take action! Contact us today.

Advantages for you

Find out if you’re eligible for a substantial discount on one of our coaching programmes*:



Career vouchers

Only 40 euros incl. VAT for 4 hours of career coaching (value : 550 euro incl.VAT/ 4hours)


A range of options for max 477 euros excl. VAT (value: 760 to 1080 euro excl.VAT)

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SME portfolio

40% contribution towards coaching costs.

More information


Career vouchers

Only 40 euros incl. VAT for 4 hours of career coaching (value : 550 euro incl.VAT/ 4hours)

Consultancy support

Recover 50% of your coaching expenses if you spend more than 1000 euros excl. VAT.

More info

Pre-startup support

Recover 50% of your coaching expenses if you spend more than 1000 euros excl. VAT.

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Would you like to know whether you’re eligible for one of these initiatives? Find out here.