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Applying for a company number

If you want to start trading, you will first need to register your business with the Crossroads Database for Businesses (Kruispuntbank van Ondernemingen KBO/Banque-Carrefour des Entreprises BCE).                           

Upon registration your self-employed activity will be officially recognised as a commercial business. Registrations can be performed by any Securex Business Desk.

After you have registered with the KBO/BCE, your business will receive a company number. This number is unique to each natural person or legal person and must be used as a matter of legal obligation.

The cost of a company number application is a single price per site unit, established by the government. This fee currently stands at € 88,5* per unit (branch, site) for one-man businesses and companies alike. The fee is index-corrected on an annual basis.

*rates for 2019


More information:

For further details please contact your nearest Securex Business Desk.