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Step 7: Recruiting staff



If you are planning to incorporate a company, it is entirely possible that you may want to hire employees. Before you do however, there are quite a few administrative formalities to be dealt with first before you can get started. Which is why it is advisable to enrol with Securex's Payroll Processing organisation for support and guidance.


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How do I hire people?

As an employer you have various options if you are planning to recruit staff:

  1. Permanent recruitment: If you are seeking to hire an employee on a permanent basis, an employment contract will need to be drawn up which specifies the duration, pay, conditions, terms of employment and an outline of the duties involved.
  2. Temporary agency workers: If you are looking for temporary support, temporary agency workers are ideal. In that case you pay the temporary work agency, which will pay the employee.
  3. Individual Occupational Training programme (Individuele beroepsopleiding - IBO): the IBO allows you to affordably hire your first employee through the VDAB (the Flemish Labour Intermediation and Occupational Training Office). This is a kind of training track for the employee that will last anywhere from 1 up to 6 months. Upon completion of the programme, you can hire the employee on a permanent basis via the Securex Business Desk.
  4. Social economy: Employers can also ask social economy companies or sheltered workshops to provide support.

Furthermore, you can also decide to work with self-employed workers. For instance, you could call on the services of a freelance worker, a working partner whom you could appoint as a co-owner or even get your private life partner to lend a hand.


More information:

For further details, speak to one of our specialists for advice or consult a Securex Business Coach.