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Insurance covers for self-employed workers

Enrolling with the Securex Social Insurance Fund entitles you to a string of welfare insurance covers that will support you in your endeavours as a self-employed business owner.

Insurance covers available to self-employed workers

As a self-employed worker, there are a number of insurance covers available to keep the risks to yourself, the people around you and your activities down to a minimum.

Even though a large portion of these risks is already covered by enrolling with the mutual health benefit society, there is a wide number of additional options available to protect yourself. The insurance covers most commonly taken out by self-employed workers include:

  • Income protection insurance (protection against loss of earnings in case of sickness)
    The income protection insurance protects self-employed workers when they are unable to work over a longer period of time due to sickness or an accident. Click here for further details.

  • Professional liability insurance
    For some occupations, an extra public liability or professional errors and omissions insurance is needed or even compulsory. Professional liability insurance provides cover in the event you cause damage or loss to third parties as a result of professional errors and is specifically geared to the occupational category you operate in.

  • Hospitalisation insurance
    Alongside your entitlement to the reimbursement of your health care expenses by your health insurance fund, you can take out supplementary insurance coverage at your broker's or health insurance fund that will cover the expenses of hospital admissions in case of sickness or accident.


The following insurance covers are also worth considering:

  • Bankruptcy insurance
    As a self-employed business owner you are entitled to this insurance cover when you pay your social security contributions. Provided you apply for it, this insurance cover sees to it that you remain insured for the mandatory medical care insurance for a maximum of 4 quarters and gives you a temporary benefit.

  • Protecting your own home against seizure
    When you set up as a self-employed worker, whether as a one-man business or under a particular company structure (vof/snc, commandite company or cvba/scrl), you are not protected against business debts. For this reason, it is advisable to take out an insurance that will safeguard your private home to prevent it from being seized in the event of sizeable debts or a potential bankruptcy.


More information:

For further information regarding the insurance covers open to you, call round to your nearest Securex Business Desk or send us your question by mail.