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Professional competence

Please note! Every business owner who engages in a commercial activity needs to have the appropriate professional skills. Some occupations require specific professional skills, which can be corroborated by way of a diploma, a certificate, or proven practical experience.

The main occupational categories that are subject to this mandatory requirement are the bicycle and motor vehicle trade, the construction industry, personal grooming services, the bakery and patisserie sector and restaurants & caterers. These occupations are also referred to as ‘regulated occupations’*. Alongside basic business management skills – which apply to virtually all sectors of trade and industry – for these particular occupations you are also required to bring proof of specific professional skills.

Proving your professional skills

The fact that you possess the appropriate professional skills for the regulated occupations can be corroborated by various bodies or persons. In turn, these bodies/persons also differ according to the legal company structure you have chosen:

One-man businessCompany
  • the self-employed company director
  • the legal spouse
  • the partner with whom the one-man business has been officially cohabiting for at least six months
  • the self-employed worker's assistant who is either a blood relative or is related to you by marriage as a company director in the third degree.
  • a designee working under a full-term open-ended employment contract
  • the company's Board of Directors/management, i.e. the (executive) director or the managing director
  • a working partner tasked with the company's technical management (appointment into office deposited to be published in the Belgian Official Gazette)
  • an employee tasked with the company's technical management (by way of power of attorney agreement)

Securex's recognised Business Desks will check to see if you comply with the requirements. In cases where a business is planning to undertake more than one regulated activity, several persons may meet the requirements in terms of the professional skills particular to each of these activities.


* The required professional skills for regulated professions, except for the construction industry, have been suppressed in Flanders as from 1/1/2018. Anyone can practise these professions in Flanders.