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Entrepreneurial skills

Alongside complying with the general starting requirements, you also need to be able to prove your entrepreneurial skills. This requires you to bring evidence of your basic understanding of business management* by way of:

  • A diploma or a certificate
    These are degree course completion certificates delivered by an educational institution organised, recognised or grant-maintained by one of the Communities in Belgium, or an equivalent certificate delivered by the State's Central Board of Examiners, listed in the Royal Decree governing the occupation in question.  As such, these certificates will differ depending on the nature of the proposed activity.

  • Practical experience
    You need to demonstrate that you have racked up practical experience within the 15 years prior to your registration. For some occupations this is confined to 10 years. The level of practical experience you require depends on the nature of your occupation. Practical experience is understood to refer to having worked as a:
    1. self-employed company director having your own company register number / company number
    2. office holder or working partner in a company
    3. self-employed worker's assistant
    4. assisting spouse
    5. employee in a business that carries the regulated occupation as an activity.

If you are a EC Member State national who wishes to set up as a self-employed worker in Belgium, you can refer to the practical experience acquired in the EC Member State in question to demonstrate your business management skills. To this end, an EC statement is to be submitted which can be requested in the EC Member State concerned.

To find out if your diploma suffices to incorporate your company, contact your nearest Securex Business Desk.


*The required basic company management knowledge has been abolished in Flanders since 1/9/2018. In Flanders, it is consequently no longer a legal obligation when starting your own business. In Brussels and Wallonia, the legislation remains unchanged for the moment.

Proving your business management skills

The fact that you have the appropriate business management skills may be corroborated by various people. This also differs depending on the legal company structure:

One-man businessCompany
  • yourself, the company director
  • your legally cohabiting partner or legal spouse
  • a self-employed worker's assistant who is either a blood relative or is related to you by marriage as a company director in the third degree.
  • a designee working under an open-ended employment contract
  • for private companies (bvba, vof/snc, etc.) by the managing director only
  • for companies with share capital (nv/sa, cvoa/sca, etc.) by the (executive) director or by an employee – the person of managerial rank tasked with day-to-day management

Contact one of the recognised Securex Business Desk  to find out if you meet the requirements.



Are you taking over an existing business? Are you practising a liberal profession? In this case, you are exempt from this obligation.
In addition, your business may also qualify for a (temporary) exemption, subject to the following requirements:

  • You are continuing the business of your deceased legal spouse or deceased legally cohabiting partner.
  • You are taking over an existing business – in which case you are entitled to a 1-year exemption.
  • You are continuing the business of one of your deceased parents – in which case you are entitled to a 3-year exemption.
  • You are starting out in an intellectual profession or a self-employed occupation that is already regulated by a different Act pertaining to the requirements in the area of business management skills (estate agents, insurance brokers, surveyors, etc.)
  • You work as a door-to-door salesman – you may qualify for an exemption subject to certain conditions.


More information:

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